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Articles tagged: conference talks

Ozgun Erdogan

pgDaySF 2015 Takeaways

Written byBy Ozgun Erdogan | April 7, 2015Apr 7, 2015

We recently attended pgDaySF, the one-day PostgreSQL event organized by the San Francisco PostgreSQL User Group and part of the bigger FOSS4G conference. The event was very well attended, and we were excited by the content of several presentations...

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Marco Slot

PGConf.Russia talk on pg_shard

Written byBy Marco Slot | March 23, 2015Mar 23, 2015

Last month we went to PGConf.Russia and gave a talk on [pg_shard](/citus-products/pg-shard) which is available for download on GitHub. pg_shard is an open source PostgreSQL extension which allows users to scale out their database by creating a cluster...

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Marco Slot

PGConf.Russia interesting takeaways

Written byBy Marco Slot | February 19, 2015Feb 19, 2015

PGConf.Russia photos Last week we were at one of the biggest PostgreSQL events ever held. Nope, it wasn’t PGCon, it was the inaugural PGConf.Russia in Moscow. The conference included some very interesting talks. We were especially excited to learn more about several extensions...

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