“…Citus is so darn fast!”

Stories From Happy Citus Customers

Freshworks image

Thanks to Citus, Freshworks is now able to give their users super-fast historical and real-time analytics on live service chats.

Usually for analytics applications, acceptable response times can be a matter of seconds… With Citus, it’s amazing. The response time on long-term queries of billions of rows is on the order of milliseconds. Citus is so darn fast!

Deepak Balasubramanyam, Technical Architect for Freshchat, Freshworks
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Pex image

Pex delivers ultra-fast search results & revolutionary analytics by using Citus to scale out Postgres on Google Cloud.

Customers ask how many weeks they have to wait for results, but with Citus it takes us roughly three minutes. The difference is so striking compared to our competitors, customers usually struggle to understand how we can do it.

Rasty Turek, Founder and CEO, Pex
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Algolia image

With 5500+ customers using its search API, Algolia needed a lightning-fast database that was not a pain to maintain.

At Algolia, our job is to provide the best search as a service, not to maintain clusters of PostgreSQL servers. We really wanted a database that scales, a database we wouldn’t have to worry about. Citus has given us that.

Sylvain Friquet, Former Software Engineer, Algolia
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PushOwl image

With Citus, PushOwl meets real-time performance requirements during a period of rapid growth.

With Citus, we don’t have to worry about our infrastructure. That’s one of the main reasons I’m on Citus. We don’t have to think about DevOps anymore. We’re automatically and seamlessly scaling in the cloud, and we’re now managing more than 8,500 ecommerce stores.

Shashank Kumar, Founder, PushOwl
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MixRank image

MixRank has dramatically increased performance and cut costs by deploying Citus for their transactional data and analytics.

The Citus open source extension to Postgres, deployed on a 20-node Citus cluster with SSDs, has enabled us to achieve phenomenal I/O parallelism and I/O throughput. We have been able to dramatically increase performance and also to cut costs. Citus has been a game-changer for our business.

Scott Milliken, Founder & CEO at MixRank
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ConvertFlow image

ConvertFlow queries that used to take 15-30+ seconds have been reduced to less than 500 milliseconds with Citus.

Then we discovered Citus Cloud, which would allow us to stick with Postgres and shard our database by customer.

Jonathan Denney, CTO & Co-Founder, ConvertFlow
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