“Thanks to Citus, we’re powering a product that is really kind of magical.”

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Stories From Happy Citus Customers

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Heap provides analytics on every web & mobile app action for over 6,000 customers, using a 40 node Citus database cluster.

Thanks to Citus, we’re powering a product that is really kind of magical for a lot of customers. The speed and performance of our database make it possible for them to immediately perform truly advanced analytics on any user activities they want to explore.

Dan Robinson, CTO at Heap
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Agari secures 85% of US consumer emails. Agari uses Citus to deliver interactive insights to customers & deep analytics for BI.

Citus is a cost-effective solution that delivers the interactive insight our customers demand and the querying and processing power our internal team needs for deep analytics and business intelligence.

Vidur Apparao, CTO of Agari
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MixRank has dramatically increased performance and cut costs by deploying Citus for their transactional data and analytics.

The Citus open source extension to Postgres, deployed on a 20-node Citus cluster with SSDs, has enabled us to achieve phenomenal I/O parallelism and I/O throughput. We have been able to dramatically increase performance and also to cut costs. Citus has been a game-changer for our business.

Scott Milliken, Co-Founder & CTO at MixRank
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Citus gives Sportradar the right balance of ad-hoc dynamic queries, database speed, and scalability for their radar360 analytics.

Redshift wasn’t the right fit for a real-time web dashboard with ad-hoc queries that need to return in sub-second times. The upfront execution plan compile time for each new ad-hoc query was too slow/variable. Citus did not have that overhead & allowed us to have scale, speed and dynamic ad-hoc queries.

Michael Moser, Head of Product Development, Sportradar
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Citus powers all customer analytics and business intelligence for Cloudflare, on activity data from over two million websites.

Because Citus enables both real-time data ingest and sub-second queries across billions of rows, it quickly became the backbone of our customer analytics solution.

Systems Engineer, Cloudflare
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ConvertFlow queries that used to take 15-30+ seconds have been reduced to less than 500 milliseconds with Citus.

Then we discovered Citus Cloud, which would allow us to stick with Postgres and shard our database by customer.

Jonathan Denney, CTO & Co-Founder, ConvertFlow
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Kixer switched to Citus Cloud from single-node RDS because of Citus’ massive scale out capability for both reads and writes. Also, Postgres.

Moving from RDS to Citus, we were able to linearly scale up write throughput. Our read latency remains good, with most queries averaging 1 millisecond of execution time or under.

Cody Koeninger, Chief Architect, Kixer
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