How to Get Citus

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Citus Open Source

With Citus, you can scale Postgres with superpowers like distributed tables, distributed SQL engine, columnar, & more.

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Citus on Azure

You can also spin up a Citus cluster in the cloud on Azure, with Hyperscale (Citus) in Azure Database for PostgreSQL.

Why Citus?

  • Distributed Scale

    Scale out Postgres by distributing your data & queries across a cluster. And it’s simple to add nodes & rebalance shards when you need to grow.

  • Simplified Architecture

    Reduce your infrastructure headaches by using a single database for both your transactional and analytical workloads.

  • Parallelized Performance

    Speed up queries by 20x to 300x (or more) through parallelism, keeping more data in memory, higher I/O bandwidth, and columnar compression.

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    Open Source

    Download and use Citus open source for free. You can manage Citus yourself, embrace open source, and help us improve Citus via GitHub.

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    Power of Postgres

    Citus is an extension (not a fork) to the latest Postgres versions, so you can use your familiar SQL toolset & leverage your Postgres expertise.

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    Managed Database Service

    Focus on your application and forget about your database. Run Citus in the cloud as a built-in option on Azure Database for PostgreSQL.

See How Citus Shards Postgres


All queries to a Citus cluster are managed by the Citus coordinator, which looks like single-node Postgres to your application—modulo the performance benefits of scaling out. The Citus coordinator transforms SQL queries & routes the transformed queries to the correct shards on the workers. In this animation, the co-located join and update scenarios are single-tenant queries that only query a subset of shards and worker nodes. Whereas the distributed aggregate and distributed transaction scenarios access shards across multiple nodes.

Why Scale Out Postgres? Performance.

Side-By-Side Performance Comparison

YouTube video still: High performance PostgreSQL with Postgres & Hyperscale (Citus)

Watch this demo to see how Citus gives this application ~20X faster transactions and 300X – 150,000X faster analytics queries.

What’s New in Citus 10.2?

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PostgreSQL 14

Hurray, Citus 10.2 supports Postgres 14. We rolled out new Citus packages for PG14 within just one day of the PG14 release.

Read the post

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Time Series

Citus has long been used with partitioning for time series data. Now, 2 new UDFs make it easier to create & drop partitions.

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Citus Columnar

Citus 10.2 adds index support for columnar storage, constraints on columnar tables, faster lookup queries with columnar, & more.

Read the post  |  Watch demo

Citus 10.2 is out. Read all about the latest Citus 10.2 release!

Capabilities of Distributed Postgres With Citus

Is Citus Right For You?

Not every application benefits from distributing Postgres, parallelizing queries, compressing tables via columnar, and the ability to scale from a single node to a distributed database cluster. But many do. Some popular Citus use cases: multi-tenant SaaS applications, real-time analytics, & time series.

Citus workloads Venn diagram
When Not to Use Citus—because not all workloads need Postgres at any scale
  • If you do not expect your app to grow & Postgres on a single node supports your app just fine.
  • If you only need offline analytics & do not need real-time ingest nor real-time queries.
  • If your app does not need to support a large number of concurrent users.
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Scale Out Your Database Without Giving Up Postgres

  • Citus is a PostgreSQL extension and not a fork, in sync with all the latest releases.
  • Leverage your PostgreSQL expertise and all the tools in the Postgres ecosystem.
  • Take advantage of all the innovations in Postgres—including rich data types and extensions like JSONB, PostGIS, HyperLogLog, pg_stat_statements, and full text search.
  • Scale out your database without giving up SQL. You don’t get joins from NoSQL databases. And application-level sharding solutions will not give you joins when you need them.
  • At Citus, we make sharding simple. We’ve done the distributed systems engineering to scale out Postgres without losing the things that make Postgres great. So you can scale out without sacrifice.