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PostgreSQL Conference Europe 2019

PostgreSQL Conference Europe 2019

Oct 15-18, 2019 |  Milan, Italy
PGConf EU is an awesome database conference and will as usual host a day of instructor-led training followed by three days of world-class PostgreSQL presentations and a superb hallway track. We hope to see you there. Our Postgres team at Microsoft (now including the Citus Data team) is thrilled to be a Platinum sponsor of PGConfEU this year in Milan!

  • Talk: “Fibonacci Spirals and 21 Ways to Contribute to Postgres—Beyond Code”  View abstract
  • Talk: “What’s wrong with Postgres”  View abstract
  • Talk: “When It All Goes Wrong”  View abstract
  • Talk: “The TopN extension: Maintaining top 10 lists at scale”  View abstract
  • Talk: “Deep Postgres Extensions in Rust”  View abstract
  • Talk: “Wonderful SQL features your ORMs can use (or not)”  View abstract
  • Tutorial: “Implementing your first Postgres extension: from coding to distribution”  View abstract
  • Keynote: “What Microsoft is doing with Postgres & the Citus Data acquisition”  View abstract
Microsoft Ignite 2019

Microsoft Ignite 2019

Nov 4- 8, 2019 |  Orlando, FL
Ignite is Microsoft’s annual gathering of technology leaders and practitioners. It is 4 days of vision, discussions, and hands-on learning about the latest tools—as well as the insights that are driving tomorrow’s innovations. #MSIgnite

  • Talk: “Building Modern Apps that Scale to Billions of Events—With PostgreSQL & Hyperscale”  View abstract
  • Talk: “Why Developers Love Postgres”  View abstract
  • Talk: “Innovations to boost productivity with Azure-managed MySQL, Postgres and MariaDB databases”  View abstract
  • Workshop: “Analyzing real-time data with Azure Database for PostgreSQL”  View abstract
  • Theater: “Running Postgres at scale on-premise and cloud”  View abstract
  • Theater: “Why Enterprises are Moving from Oracle to Azure Postgres”  View abstract

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