Scalable PostgreSQL
Keep calm and scale out

CitusDB scales out PostgreSQL through sharding and replication. Its powerful query engine parallelizes SQL queries over very large datasets and enables real-time responses.

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SQL queries over very large datasets

Powerful query engine distributes ANSI SQL queries and runs them in parallel across commodity hardware.

Dremel-like scalability

Add nodes incrementally as your data volume or performance requirements increase. Linearly scale out to hundreds of nodes using CitusDB's block-based architecture.

High availability

CitusDB recovers from failures in real-time. To achieve this, the database intelligently distributes the work for any failed nodes among the remaining nodes in the cluster.

PostgreSQL ecosystem tools. ODBC/JDBC compliance

Get the benefits of the most recent PostgreSQL version (v9.3). Connect to CitusDB through ODBC/JDBC to visualize your data with leading reporting tools.

Semi-structured data support

Run distributed SQL queries on JSON and log files. Query external data sources such as MongoDB, by uploading only table metadata and using foreign data wrappers.

Optimized for time-series event data

CitusDB is a real-time analytics database, where you can load data in batch or in real-time. It is ideal for ad-hoc analysis, reporting, and data exploration on your user events, device logs and other time-series data, and for joining them with traditional data sources.

Interactive queries

Get sub-second response times to your key-value lookups. Perform aggregations, filters, projections, joins across large data sets in seconds. Achieve high performance through advanced disk and network I/O optimizations. Get your results 10x faster than dedicated analytics appliances.

Deploy anywhere: On-premise or in the cloud

No special expectations from hardware or the network. Use standard machines and network connections (100 Mbps+) to build your analytics infrastructure in a flexible, cost-efficient way.

Easy to download and use

Download the software with one click, install it on a Linux box and get up and running in as few as 5 commands. Experience CitusDB for yourself by using sample data and examples available on our site, or better still, by loading your own data.

Review our FAQ, download CitusDB, and see our documentation page for more information, and please contact us if you have any questions or would like to set up a free trial.