Read more about Citus 5.0 which unforked from Postgres–It is now a Postgres extension and fully open source.

Citus for Real-Time Big Data

Citus transforms PostgreSQL into a distributed database for demanding big data applications, delivering a unique combination of massively parallel analytics and real-time reads/writes


  • No forks: Stay on the latest version of PostgreSQL
  • Fast: Sub-second analytics, with real-time ingest
  • Smart: Reduce cost and complexity by using familiar software
  • Simple: Get to production in weeks vs. months
  • Resilient: Always stay on, with built-in high availability
  • Run anywhere: On premise or on the cloud


  • Multi-core & Multi-machine parallelism
  • Real-time INSERT/UPDATEs & Real-time JOINs
  • Fast, structured data & Fast, indexable JSONB
  • Built-in replication and automatic failover
  • PostgreSQL reliability, tooling and extension ecosystem
  • Transparent to application as PostgreSQL 9.5, for real-time operational analytics