Animated citus
“We discovered Citus Cloud, which allowed us to stick with Postgres, shard our database by customer and have much more RAM to work with.”
Jonathan Denney, CTO and Cofounder, ConvertFlow

Why Citus?

Citus handles capturing billions of events per day, while providing real-time analytics across your entire dataset.

  • Real-time analytics and transactions

    • Ingest all your data, as it happens in real-time.
    • Scan, filter and analyze billions of events in under a second.
    • Power your application with single-digit millisecond latency operations at scale.
  • Community

    • Do not fork from PostgreSQL; evolve with it.
    • Build on latest features, ecosystem tools and extensions.
    • Join millions of happy PostgreSQL users.
  • Grow with your data

    • Start with your favorite database, add more nodes as you grow
    • Scale simply from millions to a trillions of events
    • Run anywhere, on cloud or on-premise

You're in Good Company

Hear from customers powering their data with Citus, scaling and distributing with ease and efficiency.

Heap provides real-time analytics for sites and apps, with Citus they're able to provide customers rich analytics across their data.

Citus helps Cloudflare, who handles over 5% of internet traffic, provide real-time analytics and insights directly to their customers.

Agari provides tools and analytics to help brands protect customers and their data, Citus enables them to do it at massive scale.

Mixrank helps B2B sales teams find better leads by analyzing vast amounts of web and mobile data, across hundreds of terabytes.