CitusDB gives developers and enterprises the control, power and familiarity of a traditional relational database with the ability to scale to 100s of billions of events with ease

CitusDB for Real-Time Big Data

A horizontally scalable RDBMS built on PostgreSQL 9.4 that delivers a unique combination of massively parallel analytics, real-time reads/writes, and rich PostgreSQL expressiveness for demanding Big Data applications



  • Build customer-facing, real-time applications on massive data sets
  • Reduce cost and complexity by using familiar software
  • Get to production in weeks vs. months
  • Run anywhere: On premise or on the cloud
  • Always stay on, with built-in high-availability
  • Leverage your existing PostgreSQL development and DBA skills


  • Massive parallelism across CPUs and nodes, smart JOINs
  • Real-time INSERT/UPDATEs
  • Structured data together with fast, native JSONB
  • Built-in replication and high-availability, including mid-query fault tolerance
  • PostgreSQL reliability, tools and extension ecosystem
  • Transparent to application as PostgreSQL 9.4 for operational analytics

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