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“We discovered Citus Cloud, which allowed us to stick with Postgres, shard our database by customer and have much more RAM to work with.”
Jonathan Denney, CTO and Cofounder, ConvertFlow

Focus on your app—not your database

With worry-free Postgres from Citus, you never have to worry about scaling your database again.

  • Scale your multi-tenant app

    Have you ever wished PostgreSQL supported sharding? Are you hitting the limits of single-node Postgres? Our database as a service makes it easy to scale to over 100,000 tenants, seamlessly adding nodes as you grow. With Citus, you get the benefits of Postgres plus the scale-out properties of NoSQL—without having to re-architect your application.

  • Forget about your database

    Want to reduce the cycles you spend on database operations, and focus on core development instead? Citus Cloud, our fully-managed database service, can help. Our team has decades of experience managing millions of Postgres databases (which we’re happy to share.) Or if you prefer, Citus is also available as enterprise software—and open source.

  • Give real-time analytics some Citus

    Do your customers need dashboards with real-time analytics, to help them make data-driven decisions? We can help—our Citus database can scan, filter, and analyze billions of events in under a second. We give you real-time data ingest and sub-second queries across billions of rows of data. Happy dashboarding. :)

  • Leverage the power of Postgres

    Citus Data’s distributed database is not a fork of PostgreSQL, rather, Citus extends Postgres. So we’re compatible with all the latest features, including JSONB, PostGIS, and full-text search. With Citus, you can use your familiar SQL toolset and leverage your existing Postgres expertise. And with our Citus Cloud database service, you no longer need to be a database expert.

You're in Good Company

Hear from customers powering their data with Citus, scaling and distributing with ease and efficiency.

Heap provides real-time analytics for sites and apps, with Citus they're able to provide customers rich analytics across their data.

Citus helps Cloudflare, who handles over 5% of internet traffic, provide real-time analytics and insights directly to their customers.

Agari provides tools and analytics to help brands protect customers and their data, Citus enables them to do it at massive scale.

Mixrank helps B2B sales teams find better leads by analyzing vast amounts of web and mobile data, across hundreds of terabytes.