Worry-Free Postgres for SaaS. Built to Scale Out.

Citus intelligently distributes your data & queries across many nodes so your database can scale and your queries are fast. Available as a database as a service on AWS, on-prem, and as open source. At Citus, we make sharding your PostgreSQL database simple. So you can focus on your app—not your database.

No One Wants to Worry About Their Database

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Software Developer

You shouldn’t have to re-architect your app in order to scale out your database. Whether you use Rails or Django, we make sharding PostgreSQL simple.

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Database Engineer

Stop getting woken up in the middle of the night. With our fully-managed database as a service, we carry the pager so you don’t have to.

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Engineering Manager

Get to market faster with Citus. So your team can focus on your app, your customers, your innovations—and not your database infrastructure.

Focus On Your App—Not Your Database

With worry-free Postgres from Citus, you never have to worry about scaling your database again.

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Leverage the power of Postgres

We get that you trust Postgres. So we’ve built Citus as a Postgres extension (not a fork) to stay current with the latest releases. With Citus, you get to use your familiar SQL toolset and leverage all your Postgres expertise.

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Forget about your database

Our team has decades of experience managing millions of Postgres databases in the cloud. With our fully-managed database service on AWS, we carry the pager so you don’t have to. So you can forget about your database.

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Never worry about scaling again

Adding nodes to your Citus database is as easy as moving a slider. We make sharding simple. Plus Citus is open source and platform independent: you can run Citus anywhere. Hence the moniker: worry-free.

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Query faster than any one server can

By parallelizing SQL queries across multiple nodes, Citus delivers unparalleled performance. Even with real-time data ingest and sub-second queries across billions of rows of data. Happy dashboarding.

All the Features You Need in a Distributed Relational Database

Applications That Love Citus: Multi-Tenant Apps & Real-Time Analytics

Citus Cloud = A Fully-Managed Database as a Service

Run by a team with decades of experience managing millions of Postgres databases, our database as a service is hosted on AWS and is available in most AWS regions. We take care of monitoring, backups, auto-HA, and seamlessly scaling out. We carry the pager so you don’t have to.

You’re in Good Company

Our Customers Love Using Worry-Free Postgres to Scale Out

Thanks to Citus, we’re powering a product that is really kind of magical for a lot of customers. The speed and performance of our database make it possible for them to immediately perform truly advanced analytics on any user activities they want to explore.

Dan Robinson, CTO at Heap

At Chartbeat, interactivity on our dashboards is very important. Every second a user has to wait, even if that request is crunching a lot of data, represents a potential disruption to our client’s workflow. In the past, it might have taken dozens of seconds or even minutes to materialize queries. With Citus, we can deliver sub-second latency.

Wesley Chow, CTO at Chartbeat

I like Citus’ combination of features, open source flexibility, and commercial-grade scalability. Best of all, because Citus is built on the latest version of PostgreSQL, we have been able to continue using the same core SQL toolset, leverage our existing PostgreSQL expertise, and take advantage of the continuing innovation within the PostgreSQL community.

Vidur Apparao, CTO at Agari

The biggest impact so far has been availability. We hit hard size limits on RDS sooner than anticipated, on Christmas morning in fact. Thankfully we already had a Citus system developed and in final testing. We were able to promote the Citus database to production with minimal downtime and zero loss of data.

Cody Koeninger, Chief Architect at Kixer

Being on a fully relational data model with the full indexing and querying power of Postgres was extremely valuable when it came to adding new analytics capabilities. Yet Citus also enabled us to maintain very fast response times, even with extremely complex queries.

Dan Robinson, CTO at Heap

We provisioned a new database using the Citus console, ran our migrations, copied over our data from Heroku, and we were up and running on Citus in just a few minutes. And the technical benefits were instant. We saw queries that were once taking 15-30+ seconds reduced to less than 500 ms.

Jonathan Denney, CTO and Cofounder at ConvertFlow
Citus Data Elecorn

Citus Builds on Postgres

Yes, Citus really is Postgres. Not a fork, and not out of date. Citus is an extension to Postgres and stays in sync with the latest releases. So you can leverage your expertise in PostgreSQL and the Postgres ecosystem. And so you can take advantage of all the innovations in Postgres—including features like JSONB, PostGIS, HyperLogLog, and full text search.

Three Ways to Get Citus

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Fully-Managed Database as a Service

Citus Cloud is our fully-managed database as a service, backed with our expertise monitoring and managing millions of Postgres databases. We carry the pager, so you don’t have to.

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Open Source

Citus Community is our open source edition. If you need worry-free Postgres that scales out, download our Citus distributed database and get started today.

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Enterprise On-Prem Software

Citus Enterprise gives you the same awesome scale-out features as our open source edition, plus advanced features like shard rebalancing & tenant isolation.

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We want you to never have to worry about scaling your database again.