Citus Use Cases

Multi-Tenant Applications

For fast-growing multi-tenant apps that need to scale while still providing a snappy customer experience, Citus shards Postgres across multiple nodes. So you can add new customers, deliver great performance, and not have to worry about your database infrastructure.


Real-Time Analytics

For real-time analytics dashboards, the distributed nature of a Citus database cluster enables sub-second response times for customer-facing analytics dashboards, even with real-time ingest, very large data sets, complex queries, and lots of concurrent users.


Why Use Citus To Scale Out Postgres? One Word: Performance.

Citus delivers scale and performance by distributing Postgres across many nodes—and is often used as a system of record for multi-tenant applications, and as a system of engagement for real-time analytics dashboards. And sometimes, organizations use Citus as their relational database for both multi-tenant and real-time analytics apps, to avoid having to manage multiple different types of databases. What most Citus users have in common: performance—at scale—really matters to them.

SaaS businesses choose Citus to shard their database, so they don’t have to re-architect their app to shard at the application layer. And developers building analytics dashboards with large data sets who need sub-second responses for lots of users, well, they choose Citus for its massive parallelism and millisecond performance. Citus is a fit for all types of real-time dashboards, including geospatial analytics (PostGIS), behavioral analytics, video analytics, web analytics, and operational analytics.

Citus vs. Single-Node Postgres

Watch the Side-by-Side Performance Comparison

In this short demo of Citus, our engineer Marco Slot shines a light on the performance of a 4-node Citus database cluster vs. single-node Postgres.

These Segments Use Citus to Deliver Snappy Performance

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Jarred Nicholls pic

Citus makes things possible for us that would have been nightmarish in a NoSQL world. Moving to Citus has improved the reliability and performance of our database, and the fact that it’s not a black box and all the Citus metadata is open and hackable gives us a lot of flexibility. The Postgres expertise in the Citus team is also a big attraction and has made Citus a one-stop shop for us.

Jarred Nicholls
Chief Software Architect at IronNet Cybersecurity

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