Citus Con:
An Event for Postgres

APRIL 18-19

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What is Citus Con?

Citus Con: An Event for Postgres is a free and virtual developer event organized by the Postgres team at Microsoft Azure. Join us to hear from open source users, Azure database customers, and experts in PostgreSQL and Citus about how they use Postgres. With 2 unique livestreams, plus on-demand talks too, Citus Con is a global event chock full of useful content. Come learn what you can do with the world’s most advanced open source relational database—from the nerdy to the sublime.

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Event at a glance

Live sessions

With 2 unique livestreams happening at different times of day, you can pick topics and times that work for you. Talks will be given by Citus open source users, Postgres community members, Postgres/Citus experts from Microsoft, and Azure database customers.

On-demand videos

A group of select Postgres and Citus talks will be pre-recorded and published as on-demand videos on the first day of the event.

Why are some of the videos available as on-demand? Because we can’t fit all the talks into the livestreams. Plus, with on-demand, you have the flexibility to watch your way: pause, rewind, speed up, slow down. It’s up to you.

Call for Speakers (CFP) is open!

Every great event starts with great speakers—and the learnings you want to share.

Whether you’re a first-time speaker or a regular at conferences, we’d love to consider your talk proposal(s) about Postgres and/or Citus. To make things easy, we’ll take care of the video recording and production, for both livestream and on-demand talks. And you can present remotely with your favorite cup of tea. Learn all about the CFP

Important Dates
  • Nov 17, 2022 – Call for proposals (CFP) opens
  • Feb 05, 2023 – CFP closes
  • Feb 15, 2023 – Speakers notified
  • Mar 01, 2023 – Schedule & sessions announced
Important Links

Join us virtually for 2nd annual Citus Con

Join us for Citus Con: An Event for Postgres! Virtual, free, and global—no matter where you are in the world, as long as you have an internet connection, you can participate. You can expect some fabulous Postgres talks—as is fitting for an event about the world’s most advanced open source relational database (and its extensions.)

Across a 2-day period, you’ll have 2 different livestreams to choose from, in times that are convenient wherever you are on the planet—plus a selection of on-demand videos. You can join the #cituscon channel on Discord to chat with others in the community— and if you ask questions on Twitter, be sure to use the #CitusCon hashtag. Whether you run your applications in the cloud on Azure or on-prem, there’s much to learn from others who are also building their apps on PostgreSQL. You can find the Code of Conduct for the event online. See what we’re so excited about in the FAQ for Citus Con.

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Brought to you by the Postgres team at Microsoft

Members of the Postgres team at Microsoft—including the Postgres contributors, plus the people who work on the Azure Database for PostgreSQL service, the open source Citus database engine, and the Azure Cosmos DB for PostgreSQL managed service—are all proud to host Citus Con: An Event for Postgres 2023. We hope you enjoy it!

Event web pages hosted on the Citus open source website, with thanks.