Announcing pg_shard 1.2

pg_shard continues to gain momentum as a straightforward sharding extension for PostgreSQL. We’re ecstatic each time we hear about a new deployment and are always considering what’s next.

We’ve been hard at work addressing some of those customer needs and have released a new version of pg_shard this week with our latest efforts. The changes in this release include:

  • Full CitusDB integration — Distribution metadata is always in sync with CitusDB
  • Better type support — Partition by enumeration or composite types
  • Planning improvements — Improved internal metadata locking and function checking
  • Usability enhancements — Better validations and error messages during use

Upgrading or installing is a breeze: see pg_shard’s GitHub page for detailed instructions.

Whether you want a distributed document store alongside your normal PostgreSQL tables or need the extra computational power afforded by a sharded cluster, pg_shard can help. We continue to grow pg_shard’s capabilities and are open to feature requests.

Got questions?

If you have any questions about pg_shard, please contact us using the pg_shard-users mailing list.

If you discover an issue when using pg_shard, please submit it to our issue tracker on GitHub.

Further information is available on our website, where you are free to contact us with any general questions you may have.

cstore_fdw 1.3 released

Citus Data is excited to announce the release of cstore_fdw 1.3. cstore_fdw is an open source columnar store extension for PostgreSQL that compressed the underlying data and puts it in a columnar layout to reduce disk I/O.

cstore_fdw Changes

The changes in this release include:

  • ALTER FOREIGN TABLE ADD/DROP COLUMN ... support. You can now add/drop columns on existing cstore tables. Default values on newly added columns are also supported with some restrictions.
  • Improved COPY FROM support. Column references in the COPY command is now supported. You can now specify list of columns to be copied from a file to a cstore table.
  • Query performance improvements. Table row count estimation works better which allows the query planner to better prepare query plans.
  • (Fix) Whole row references. You can now use row references in function calls like SELECT to_json(*) FROM cstore_table.
  • (Fix) Insert concurrency. Deadlock issue during concurrent insert is now resolved.

You can view the installation and update instructions, and also learn more about upcoming features in the cstore_fdw page on GitHub.

Got questions?

If you have questions about cstore_fdw, please contact us using the cstore-users Google group.

If you discover an issue when using cstore_fdw, please submit it to cstore_fdw’s issue tracker on GitHub.

Further information about cstore_fdw is available on our website where you can also find information on ways to contact us with questions.

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