Calling Postgres speakers, POSETTE CFP is open until Apr 7th 2024

Written by Claire Giordano
March 22, 2024

This post by Claire Giordano was originally published on the Microsoft Tech Community Blog.

The tl;dr of this post is that the CFP is open until April 7th 2024 for POSETTE: An Event for Postgres, the free & virtual developer event brought to you with 🧡 by our Postgres team at Microsoft. Formerly called Citus Con.

If you have a Postgres experience, learning, epiphany, story, failure, best practice, “how-to”, collection of tips, lesson about what’s new, or success story to share—not just about the core of Postgres, but about anything in the rich Postgres ecosystem, including extensions—please consider submitting a talk proposal into the CFP for POSETTE.

Whether you are new to public speaking or a regular on the Postgres conference circuit, we’d love to hear your stories about Postgres. Before the CFP deadline of Sunday April 7th at 11:59pm PDT, of course.

Speaking at virtual events like POSETTE has its benefits

There is so much to love 🧡 about the face-to-face experiences at in-person Postgres conferences, but virtual events have their perks too—and are accessible to so many more people, people who cannot travel to conferences for whatever <insert reasons here>.

As a speaker, a virtual POSETTE talk can reach many more people online on YouTube vs. an in-person talk which is often limited to the people in the room.

If you’re wondering whether to submit, there’s a blog post about why to give a conference talk, and a podcast episode too.

You can also take a peek at last year’s playlist of 37 Citus Con 2023 talks, as well as the playlist of Citus Con 2022 talks online.

If you plan to submit, please don’t copy my mistake and cut the CFP deadline too close. Earlier this year, I missed a CFP close deadline by just 2 small hours! The result: I missed out on all the FOSDEM PGDay learnings.

Key things to know about the CFP for POSETTE: An Event for Postgres 2024

  • CFP deadline: The POSETTE CFP will close on Sunday, Apr 7th 2024 @ 11:59pm Pacific Time (PDT)

  • No travel required: free & virtual developer event

  • Length of talks: 25 minutes/session

  • Language: All talks will be in English

  • Talks will be pre-recorded: All talks will be pre-recorded by the POSETTE team during the weeks of May 13th and May 20th (with you presenting remotely)

  • When is the event?: Jun 11-13, 2024

  • Format of the Virtual Event: All pre-recorded talks will be livestreamed in one of 4 unique livestreams on Jun 11-13—all with parallel live text chats. Two of the livestreams will be in Americas-friendly times of day (8am-12:30pm PDT) and two of the livestreams will be in EMEA-friendly times of day (8am-12:30pm CEST)

  • What types of talk topics?: Here is a list of example talk topics the Talk Selection Team is hoping people will submit into the call for proposals… about Postgres and its extensions and tools such as PostGIS, Citus, Patroni, PgBouncer, and more—plus Azure Database for PostgreSQL, of course.

  • More CFP information: All the details, including key dates and how to submit on Sessionize, are spelled out on the CFP page for POSETTE.

  • Tips and speaker resources: Be sure to check out the super-useful speaker resources that will help you create a strong and compelling Postgres talk proposal.

  • Limit of 4 talk proposals per speaker: We love it when people submit more than one proposal or topic… just know the limit is 4 proposals!

  • Code-of-conduct: You can find the POSETTE code of conduct online. Please help us to provide a respectful, friendly, and professional experience for everybody involved in this virtual conference.

Stay connected with @PosetteConf on X/Twitter, Mastodon, or Threads

If you want to be notified as things happen with POSETTE—such as when the Schedule drops—you can sign up for POSETTE news.

Another way to stay informed, follow POSETTE on social media. The event hashtag is #PosetteConf.

Seen on Twitter

New speakers, experienced speakers, & everyone in between are welcome (and encouraged) to submit to the CFP for POSETTE.

If you want advice or feedback before you submit, just pop onto the #posetteconf channel on the Microsoft Open Source Discord and ask your questions. It’s totally OK to ask for help.

Figure 1: If you use X/Twitter, you can follow @PosetteConf on X to stay connected to the event. +1 to Ari Padilla (@TechieAri online) for managing all of the Twitter, Mastodon, and Threads accounts for @PosetteConf this year. And Eren Basak for sharing the POSETTE info on LinkedIn.

Seen on Mastodon: this backstory about the name POSETTE

What does POSETTE stand for? Why did we change the name from Citus Con to POSETTE? This blog post titled, What’s in a name? Hello POSETTE: An Event for Postgres 2024 sheds some light on the backstory behind the name change and why we picked POSETTE.

The TL;dr is that POSETTE is pronounced /Pō-zet/, like the character “Cosette” in Les Miserables. And while it’s not an acronym per se, the letters in POSETTE were inspired by: Postgres Open Source Ecosystem Talks Training & Education.

And yes, you can follow @posetteconf on Mastodon. :)

Figure 2: If you use Mastodon, and want to stay connected to POSETTE, you can follow on Mastodon.

Seen on Threads: Who is the Talk Selection Team for POSETTE?

Like all PostgreSQL community events, our POSETTE team, led by the conference chair Teresa Giacomini, is open and transparent about who will be reviewing your talk proposals. The talk selection team includes these 4 people (yes, myself included.)

I am grateful to Alicja Kucharczyk, Daniel Gustafsson, and Melanie Plageman for volunteering their time to review the talk proposals—and I feel even luckier that so many of you are submitting such a-ma-zing talk proposals for POSETTE. Gratitude. 🙏

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Figure 3: You can also follow @posetteconf on Threads, which doesn’t have a ton of Postgres activity *yet* but I hope to see that change as more and more developers and Postgres users pile onto this platform.

What will your Postgres talk be about?

This post by the amazing Julia Evans (@b0rk online) was written 10 years ago and has stood the test of time. If you’re looking for a nudge of inspiration, this might just be what you need:

You may need to submit multiple proposals to multiple events before you get accepted—even the best speakers get rejected more than you realize. Still, the value of sharing your stories on stage is worth it. Even when you have to fight the butterflies.

We're hoping you submit to the CFP for POSETTE. Regardless, please tell your PostgreSQL friends about the opportunity—so they don’t miss the deadline like I did for FOSDEM!

Claire Giordano

Written by Claire Giordano

Head of open source community efforts for Postgres at Microsoft. Alum of Citus Data, Amazon, Sun Microsystems, and Brown University CS. Conference speaker at PGConfEU, FOSDEM, PGConf NYC, Nordic PGDay, pgDay Paris, PGDay Chicago, Swiss PGDay, & Citus Con. Talk Selection Team chair for POSETTE: An Event for Postgres. Loves sailing in Greece.

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