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Principal engineer at Microsoft. Interested in database internals, distributed systems. Worked on Postgres and Citus database engines. Experience with commercial databases—Sybase and Oracle. Loves his time with family and friends.

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Teja Mupparti

How Citus supports the PostgreSQL MERGE command, as of Citus 12.0

Written by By Teja Mupparti | July 27, 2023 Jul 27, 2023

Postgres community released a new feature, in Postgres 15.0, that performs actions to modify rows in the target table, using the data from a source. MERGE provides a single SQL statement that can conditionally INSERT, UPDATE or DELETE rows, a task that would otherwise require multiple procedural language statements, using INSERT with ON CONFLICT clause etc.

In this blog post, you will learn a high-level overview of the functioning of Postgres MERGE. It will delve into some of the practical use-cases, and subsequently elaborate on the different strategies employed by Citus for handling MERGE in a distributed environment.

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