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Pino de Candia


Postgres & Citus engineering manager at Microsoft. NoSQL database, SDN, network virtualization developer. Repeat speaker at Linux Foundation & OpenStack summits. Loves warm & humid climates, hence New Orleans.

Pino de Candia

Dynamo, Citus, and Tradeoffs in Distributed Databases

Written by By Pino de Candia | May 11, 2017 May 11, 2017

Note: This is a guest blog post by Giuseppe “Pino” de Candia, the creator of Dynamo. We asked Pino to chime in with his thoughts on distributed databases and the trends he sees in this space. You can read more about Pino here.

When Ozgun, one of the founders of Citus Data, emailed me resources on scaling multi-tenant databases for B2B apps and asked me what I thought, all kinds of distributed systems tradeoffs started crossing my mind—along with memories of the forces that shaped Dynamo.

It’s been a decade since my team at Amazon worked on Dynamo, a highly available and scalable key-value store. By the time we started working on the project, Amazon was already going through two transitions.

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