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Will Leinweber

Will Leinweber


Former principal cloud engineer at Citus Data & Microsoft. Loves challenging database problems. Core Heroku Postgres team. Speaker at PGConf.EU, RailsConf, PostgresConf US, Keep Ruby Weird, & several PgDays. Music lover.

Will Leinweber

\watch ing Star Wars in Postgres

Written by By Will Leinweber | December 14, 2018 Dec 14, 2018

I recently had the honor of speaking at the last Keep Ruby Weird. A good part of the talk dealt with Postgres and since Citus Data is not only a database company but also a Postgres company, I figured sharing those parts on the Citus Data blog would be a good idea. If you’d like to see it in talk form, or you’d also like to know how to watch movies rendered as emojis in your terminal, I encourge you to watch the talk.

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Will Leinweber

Database constraints in Postgres: The last line of defense

Written by By Will Leinweber | March 19, 2018 Mar 19, 2018

Data has a certain gravity and inertia. Once it’s stored it’s not likely to be actively moved or frequently modified. At least not for your one source of truth. Protecting that data and ensuring it’s both safely stored but also correct is worth the time investment because of the value it has.

Going further, your database schema and models are going to change far less than your application code. Because it changes less frequently the case can easily be made that spending some time to ensure correctness at the database level is a great return on time.

This post was the result of a recent talk I recently gave at PgDay Paris. The conference itself was a great local event in Paris, and while there we had a chance to meet with a few of our customers based in Paris as well. As it’s always great to get out in person and chat with people about Postgres and their experience in scaling their database, many remarked that the talk could be useful to others that weren’t there. So as I thought it would be worthwhile to write-up, and here you go:

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Will Leinweber

Building a Scalable Postgres Metrics Backend using the Citus Extension

Written by By Will Leinweber | August 30, 2016 Aug 30, 2016

From nearly the beginning of the Citus Cloud service, we’ve had an internal formation provisioned and managed by the service itself. Dogfooding in this manner brings all the usual benefits such as gaining operational knowledge, customer empathy, and etc.

However, more interesting than yet another blog post going over the importance of dogfooding is the two different ways we’re using our Citus formation. Setting up a distributed table requires a bit more forethought than a normal Postgres table, because the choice of shard column has a big impact on the types of queries and joins you can do with the data.

We’re going to look at two cases here: a time-series metrics table and an events table.

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