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Engineer on the Postgres team at Microsoft. Expert in algorithms & data structures—was on the Turkish team at the International Olympiad in Informatics. BS in Computer Science from Bilkent University. Anime, manga, & table tennis fan.

M. Ozan Saka

Enabling PostgreSQL 15 in Azure Cosmos DB for PostgreSQL - how we did it

Written by By M. Ozan Saka | November 29, 2022 Nov 29, 2022

As you may have heard, we recently made PostgreSQL 15 generally available in Azure Cosmos DB for PostgreSQL within just 1 week of the PostgreSQL 15 release. The Postgres 15 version is available for you whether you need to create a new cluster in Azure Cosmos DB for PostgreSQL, or upgrade your existing cluster. (Note: you can do in-place major version upgrades in Azure Cosmos DB for PostgreSQL.) And the PostgreSQL 15 support is available in all Azure regions that support Azure Cosmos DB for PostgreSQL.

You may be surprised since it's usually not the norm for a managed database service to start supporting the new major PostgreSQL version that early... This post will walk you through what's going on behind the scenes that enables us to do such a feat. Some background before diving in:

Azure Cosmos DB for PostgreSQL is powered by native Postgres and Citus open source—and enables you to run PostgreSQL at any scale, from a single node to a large, distributed cluster. Customers can also scale out as much as they want depending on their needs with many additional features. The Hyperscale (Citus) managed service recently moved into Azure Cosmos DB family (more info on the launch of Azure Cosmos DB for PostgreSQL in this blog post) and with that introduced try Azure Cosmos DB for PostgreSQL for free where you can try out PostgreSQL 15 with Citus 11.1.

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