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Engineer on the Postgres team at Microsoft. Works on continuous integration/continuous development (CI/CD). BS in Computer Engineering from Middle East Technical University. Puzzle solver. Lego architect.

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Nazir Bilal Yavuz

Debugging PostgreSQL CI failures faster: 4 tips

Written by By Nazir Bilal Yavuz | January 18, 2023 Jan 18, 2023

Postgres is one of the most widely used databases and supports a number of operating systems. When you are writing code for PostgreSQL, it's easy to test your changes locally, but it can be cumbersome to test it on all operating systems. A lot of times, you may encounter failures across platforms and it can get confusing to move forward while debugging. To make the dev/test process easier for you, you can use the Postgres CI.

When you test your changes on CI and see it fail, how do you proceed to debug from there? As a part of our work in the open source Postgres team at Microsoft, we often run into CI failures—and more often than not, the bug is not obvious, and requires further digging into.

In this blog post, you'll learn about techniques you can use to debug PostgreSQL CI failures faster. We'll be discussing these 4 tips in detail:

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