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Computer engineer on the Citus team at Microsoft, MsC in Parallel Programming from Bogazici University. Fond of distributed systems. Likes any kind of sports.

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Aykut Bozkurt

Diary of an Engineer: Improved Citus metadata sync for Postgres in 11.3

Written by By Aykut Bozkurt | June 16, 2023 Jun 16, 2023

One of the most important improvements in Citus 11.3 is that Citus offers more reliable metadata sync. Before 11.3, when a Citus cluster had thousands of distributed objects (such as distributed tables), Citus occasionally experienced memory problems while running metadata sync. Due to these memory errors, some users with very large numbers of tables were sometimes unable to add new nodes or upgrade beyond Citus 11.0.

To address the memory issues, we added an alternative "non-transactional" mode to the current metadata sync in Citus 11.3.

The default mode for metadata sync is still the original single transaction mode that we introduced in Citus 11.0. But now in 11.3 or later, if you have a very large number of tables and you run into the memory error, you can choose to optionally switch to the non-transactional mode, which syncs the metadata via many transactions. While most of you who use Citus will not need to enable this alternative metadata sync mode, this is how to do it:

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