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Cloud Advocate at Microsoft focused on Cloud Native, Linux, & Open Source (❤️ Go, Python & Postgres). Co-producer of Path to Citus Con podcast. Hacks on Open Source Labs (aka.ms/oss-labs). Lives in Toronto, Canada with his wife and their two boys. Occasionally manages to combine three of his favorite things by taking photographs outdoors while drinking coffee.

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Aaron Wislang

Podcast highlights on benchmarking Postgres performance, from Path To Citus Con Episode 11

Written by By Aaron Wislang | February 2, 2024 Feb 2, 2024

Episode 11 of Path To Citus Con—the monthly podcast for developers who love Postgres—is now out. This episode featured guests Jelte Fennema-Nio and Marco Slot who joined us (along with co-hosts Claire Giordano and Pino de Candia) to talk about performance benchmarking, specifically benchmarking databases and Postgres.

The official title of Episode 11 with Jelte and Marco is “My Journey into Performance Benchmarking”.

I love hearing how people find themselves doing what they do, so it was fascinating to hear how they got started. One of the most interesting insights was the impact something like benchmarking can have on your career—even if you don’t particularly enjoy it!

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