PGConf EU: HyperLogLog, Eclipse, and Distributed Postgres

Written by Craig Kerstiens
December 11, 2017

We’re big fans of Postgres and enjoy getting around to the various community conferences to give talks on relevant topics as well as learn from others. A few months ago we had a good number of Citus team members over at the largest Postgres conference in Europe. Additionally, three of our Citus team members gave talks at the conference. We thought for those of you that couldn’t make the conference you might still enjoy getting a glimpse of some of the content. You can browse the full set of talks that were given and slides for them on the PGConf EU website or flip through the presentations from members of the Citus team below.

Distributed count(distinct) with HyperLogLog on PostgreSQL

Distributed count(distinct) with hyper loglog on postgresql (PGConf EU 2017) from Citus Data

Hacking PostgreSQL with Eclipse

Hacking Postgresql with eclipse from Citus Data

Distributed Computing on PostgreSQL

Distributed computing on PostgreSQL - PGConf EU 2017 from Citus Data
Craig Kerstiens

Written by Craig Kerstiens

Former Head of Cloud at Citus Data. Ran product at Heroku Postgres. Countless conference talks on Postgres & Citus. Loves bbq and football.