cstore_fdw 1.1 release notes

Written by Hadi Moshayedi
August 11, 2014

We are excited to announce the release of cstore_fdw 1.1, Citus Data’s open source columnar store extension for PostgreSQL. The changes in this release include:

  • Automatic file management. The filename foreign table option has become optional, and cstore_fdw uses a default directory inside PostgreSQL’s data directory to manage cstore tables.
  • Automatically delete table files on DROP FOREIGN TABLE. In cstore_fdw v1.0 it was a user’s responsibility to delete the files created by cstore_fdw after dropping a table. Failure to properly delete the files could result in unexpected behavior in the future. For example, if a user dropped a table and then created another table with the same filename option they could get errors when querying the new table. cstore_fdw now automatically deletes table files on DROP FOREIGN TABLE and eliminates these kinds of problems.
  • cstore_table_size. The new cstore_table_size(‘tablename’) function can be used to get the size of a cstore table in bytes.
  • Improved documentation. “Using Skip Indexes” and “Uninstalling cstore_fdw” sections were added to the README file.
  • Bug fixes:
    • Previously querying empty tables errored out. These tables can now be queried as expected.
    • Previously cost estimation functions overestimated number of columns. The source of estimation error has been fixed.

For installation and update instructions, please see cstore_fdw’s page in GitHub.

To learn more about what’s coming up for cstore_fdw see our development roadmap.

Got questions?

If you have questions about cstore_fdw, please contact us using the cstore-users Google group.

If you discover an issue when using cstore_fdw, please submit it to cstore_fdw’s issue tracker on GitHub.

Hadi Moshayedi

Written by Hadi Moshayedi

Postgres, Citus, and Spark software engineer at Microsoft. First employee at Citus Data. Enjoys riding road and cyclocross bikes.