Setting up your log destination on Citus Cloud

Craig Kerstiens Feb 13, 2017

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Citus is a distributed database that scales out PostgreSQL. Citus scales your multi-tenant database to 100K+ tenants or enable real-time analytics on large volumes of data.

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Your database is a key part of your stack, and when things act up in your application getting insights into it are key. With Citus Cloud you have a number of dashboards with metrics you can look into as well as centralized logging. In addition to the centralized logging, you also have the ability to drain your logs to the provider of your choice. This means you can have all your Citus Cloud logs (both the coordinator and distributed nodes) integrated with the rest of your application logs.

To get started first you’ll need to know where you’ll want to ship your logs to. In this case we’ll be using Papertrail for our logging. Once you login there you’ll have the option to add a new logging system. The key information for you will be right at the top. Here you’ll find the host you need to send information to as well as the port.

Now, let’s head back over to Citus Cloud. When logged in you’ll see a logs tab. The logs tab will provide you with a quick look into recent log activity, but also allow you to setup your logs to be sent to the provider of your choice such as Papertrail, Splunk, Sumologic, or more. To do this scroll down to the bottom and click Create New Log Destination.

Joe test   citus console

Now we’ll fill in the information we captured from Papertrail:

Joe test   citus console

Click save, and you’re all set. In minutes you should see all your logs now flowing directly from Citus Cloud into the logging provider of your choice.

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