Citus Data at the PGConf.EU PostgreSQL Conference

Terry Erisman Oct 23, 2015

About Citus

Citus is a distributed database that scales out PostgreSQL. Citus scales your multi-tenant database to 100K+ tenants or enable real-time analytics on large volumes of data.

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PGConf.EU is October 27th through the 30th and we are looking forward to a great event which is drawing a high level of interest from the European PostgreSQL community. Two Citus Data team members will be presenting:

In “Scaling Up PostgreSQL”, Andres will discuss some of the major recent scalability improvements (9.2, 9.5, 9.6) that have massively improved postgres’ scalability. He will also discuss some of the biggest remaining scalability concerns and how they can be addressed by either changing Postgres or they can be worked around on the application side. In “Profiling Postgres with perf”, Andres will discuss using the Linux perf tool to profile Postgres in order to identify ways to optimize database performance.

In “PostgreSQL as a Scalable Document Store”, Marco will discuss how to turn PostgreSQL into a scalable document store using pg_shard and JSONB. He will conclude with a futuristic demo: a distributed table with JSONB columns backed by a dynamically changing row and columnar store.

In addition to the talks by Andres and Marco, Jan Holčapek is presenting “cstore_fdw - Turn You PostgreSQL into Columnar Store.” The talk will focus on version 1.2 of cstore_fdw. The talk will demonstrate installing and integrating cstore_fdw, discuss typical use cases, and show a live demo including explain plans of sample queries. Columnar storage, as well as the ORC data format will be described.

Another talk our technical team noted in particular was PostgreSQL on the Raspberry Pi 2 by Rubens Souza. He will discuss installing Postgres on the credit card sized computer, something we find interesting as well as demonstrated by Marco's blog post on the same topic.

If you are attending the conference, please stop by the Citus Data sponsors table to meet our team and get some free goodies. We hope to see you in Vienna!

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