cstore_fdw 1.3 released

Citus Data is excited to announce the release of cstore_fdw 1.3. cstore_fdw is an open source columnar store extension for PostgreSQL that compresses your database tables and reduces disk I/O.

cstore_fdw Changes

The changes in this release include:

  • ALTER FOREIGN TABLE ADD/DROP COLUMN ... support. You can now add/drop columns on existing cstore tables. Default values on newly added columns are also supported with some restrictions.
  • Improved COPY FROM support. Column references in the COPY command is now supported. You can now specify list of columns to be copied from a file to a cstore table.
  • Query performance improvements. Table row count estimation works better which allows the query planner to better prepare query plans.
  • (Fix) Whole row references. You can now use row references in function calls like SELECT to_json(*) FROM cstore_table.
  • (Fix) Insert concurrency. Deadlock issue during concurrent insert is resolved.

For installation and update steps, you can view the instructions on the cstore_fdw page on GitHub.

Got questions?

If you have questions or feedback for cstore_fdw, please contact us using the cstore-users Google group.

If you discover an issue when using cstore_fdw, please submit it to cstore_fdw’s issue tracker on GitHub.

Further information about cstore_fdw is available on our website, where you can also find information on ways to contact us with questions.