Announcing pg_shard 1.2

pg_shard continues to gain momentum as a straightforward sharding extension for PostgreSQL. We’re ecstatic each time we hear about a new deployment and are always considering what’s next.

We’ve been hard at work addressing some of those customer needs and have released a new version of pg_shard this week with our latest efforts. The changes in this release include:

  • Full CitusDB integration — Distribution metadata is always in sync with CitusDB
  • Better type support — Partition by enumeration or composite types
  • Planning improvements — Improved internal metadata locking and function checking
  • Usability enhancements — Better validations and error messages during use

Upgrading or installing is a breeze: see pg_shard’s GitHub page for detailed instructions.

Whether you want a distributed document store alongside your normal PostgreSQL tables or need the extra computational power afforded by a sharded cluster, pg_shard can help. We continue to grow pg_shard’s capabilities and are open to feature requests.

Got questions?

If you have any questions about pg_shard, please contact us using the pg_shard-users mailing list.

If you discover an issue when using pg_shard, please submit it to our issue tracker on GitHub.

Further information is available on our website, where you are free to contact us with any general questions you may have.