cstore_fdw 1.2 release notes

Written by Marco Slot
March 12, 2015

Citus Data is excited to announce the release of cstore_fdw 1.2, which is available on GitHub at https://github.com/citusdata/cstore_fdw. Cstore_fdw is Citus Data’s open source columnar store extension for PostgreSQL.

The changes in this release include:

  • INSERT INTO … SELECT … support. You can now use the “INSERT INTO cstore_table SELECT …” syntax to load data into a cstore table directly from regular tables.
  • COPY TO support. You can now use the COPY command to copy the contents of a cstore table to a file.
  • Improved Memory Usage. Some of our users reported that cstore_fdw was using too much memory when the number of columns was high. This version of cstore_fdw uses memory more efficiently, resulting in up to 90% less memory usage.

For installation and update instructions, please see cstore_fdw’s page in GitHub.

To learn more about what’s coming up for cstore_fdw see our development roadmap.

Got questions?

If you have questions about cstore_fdw, please contact us using the cstore-users Google group.

If you discover an issue when using cstore_fdw, please submit it to cstore_fdw’s issue tracker on GitHub.

Further information about cstore_fdw is available on our website where you can also find information on ways to contact us with questions.

Marco Slot

Written by Marco Slot

Lead engineer for the Citus database engine at Microsoft. Speaker at Postgres Conf EU, PostgresOpen, pgDay Paris, Hello World, SIGMOD, & lots of meetups. Talk selection team member for Citus Con: An Event for Postgres. PhD in distributed systems. Loves mountain hiking.

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