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Leverage the power of Postgres

Citus is a Postgres extension (not a fork), so you can stay current with new releases, use your familiar SQL toolset, & leverage all your Postgres expertise.

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Never worry about scaling again

Citus makes it simple to add nodes and scale out compute, memory, and disk. So you no longer have to worry about how to scale and grow.

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Query faster than any one server can

By parallelizing SQL across multiple nodes, Citus delivers insanely fast performance. Even with real-time data ingest & billions of rows of data.

See how Citus shards PostgreSQL across nodes


All the Features You Need in a Distributed Relational Database

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    Scale-Out Database

    Citus enables you to shard the Postgres relational database across nodes, cpu, memory, & disk.

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    Extension to Postgres

    Citus is not a fork. Rather, it’s an extension of PostgreSQL, staying current with the latest releases.

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    Database as a Service

    In the cloud, Citus is built into Azure Database for PostgreSQL, a managed database as a service.

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    Distributed SQL Engine

    Distributed query planner that parallelizes queries across shards, plus dynamic executor logic.

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    No Lock-In

    Citus is open source, hence no lock-in. Also available in the cloud & as enterprise software.

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    Seamless Migration Tools

    Data migration tools, fine-grained access controls, and PostgreSQL libraries for Rails & Django.

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    Insanely Fast Performance

    Query faster than any one server can by scaling out Postgres & distributing SQL across nodes.

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    Multi-Tenant SaaS Support

    Advanced features include shard rebalancing, tenant isolation, & cross-tenant query support.

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    High Availability

    Citus works with WAL & Postgres streaming replication to ensure your Citus clusters are HA.

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Why Scale Out Postgres? Performance.

Citus vs. Single-Node Postgres

YouTube video still: Citus vs. Single-Node Postgres Database | A Side-by-Side Comparison

A side-by-side comparison of Citus vs. single-node Postgres, comparing the performance of CREATE INDEX, data loading, analytical queries, and lookup queries.

Applications That Love Citus:

Multi-Tenant Apps & Real-Time Analytics

Our Customers Love Using Citus to Scale Out Postgres

Thanks to Citus, we’re powering a product that is really kind of magical for a lot of customers. The speed and performance of our database make it possible for them to immediately perform truly advanced analytics on any user activities they want to explore.

Dan Robinson, CTO at Heap

At Algolia, our job is to provide the best search as a service, not to maintain clusters of PostgreSQL servers. We really wanted a database that scales, a database we wouldn’t have to worry about. Citus has given us that.

Sylvain Friquet, Software Engineer, Algolia

Usually for analytics applications, acceptable response times can be a matter of seconds. And this is especially true for long-term reporting that needs to query a huge amount of data. With Citus, it’s amazing. The response time on long-term queries of billions of rows is on the order of milliseconds.

Deepak Balasubramanyam, Technical Architect at Freshworks

With Citus, we don’t have to worry about our infrastructure. That’s one of the main reasons I’m on Citus. We don’t have to think about DevOps anymore. We’re automatically and seamlessly scaling in the cloud, and we’re now managing more than 6,500 ecommerce stores.

Shashank Kumar, Founder at PushOwl

We provisioned a new database using the Citus console, ran our migrations, copied over our data from Heroku, and we were up and running on Citus in just a few minutes. And the technical benefits were instant. We saw queries that were once taking 15-30+ seconds reduced to less than 500 ms.

Jonathan Denney, CTO and Co-Founder at ConvertFlow

Ready to get started with Citus?

Postgres + Citus

Not a Fork

Yes, Citus really is Postgres. Not a fork, and not out of date. Citus is an extension to Postgres and stays in sync with the latest releases. So you can leverage your expertise in PostgreSQL and the Postgres ecosystem. And so you can take advantage of all the innovations in Postgres—including features like JSONB, PostGIS, HyperLogLog, and full text search.

Three Ways to Get Citus

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Open Source Download

Citus Community is our open source edition. If you need worry-free Postgres that scales out, download our Citus distributed database and get started today.

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Citus on

Hyperscale (Citus)

Hyperscale (Citus) is a built-in deployment option for Azure Database for PostgreSQL, a fully-managed database as a service that gives you the performance & scale of Citus, integrated into the Azure cloud.

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Enterprise Software

Citus Enterprise gives you the same awesome scale-out features as our open source edition, plus advanced features like shard rebalancing & tenant isolation.

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