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In the past few months we've helped a number of customers migrate their databases and applications from their existing single node Postgres hosting directly to Citus. For many of these there are application changes along the way, we've taken these learnings and created activerecord-multi-tenant to make it even easier to scale out your Ruby on Rails application. Even if you don’t have a need for Citus yet, and a single node Postgres works fine for you due to a smaller dataset, this gem can help enforce good gurantees for your app.

In this webcast we’ll give you a brief overview of the core Citus engine, followed by a walk through of Citus Cloud. With Citus Cloud you don’t need to worry about monitoring, backups, or disaster recovery, it’s all covered for you. We’ll even live resize a cluster, show what that means for performance, and walk through what happens under the covers while your shards are being rebalanced. If you currently run a single node Postgres instance either managed by yourself or from an as-a-service provider this webcast will help you know when to plan for scale.

On the Blog
Scaling out relational data models, and SQL, through co-location
Relational databases have long been a staple for applications, most frameworks are built with them in mind. The one knock has been that scaling a relational database can be hard, or in cases not possible. Citus helps with scaling out your workload and the concept of co-location of your data is one concept that makes it all possible. Take a read here at how the same principles that Google articulates in their F1 paper can be used to provide the same scaling benefits with ease when using Citus.
Parallel indexing in Citus
Indexes are used to make lookups and queries perform better, but each index you add comes with a trade-off of throughput. With Citus distributing your workload you get great scalability benefits when querying your data, but we apply the same scale-out to other areas such as indexing. Give a look at the performance benefits you can with Citus when it comes to indexing in parallel.

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Made with    from the Postgres team at Microsoft