Citus Enterprise Edition

Citus Enterprise Edition provides you with the ability to ingest up to millions of records per second and provide real-time analytics across your data. In addition to the powerful scale-out capabilities of Citus, the enterprise edition includes tools to help you manage and secure your data.

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Faster time to market

Citus extends on the popular open source PostgreSQL database. This means you can leverage existing tools, resources, and knowledge from within your organization while still taking advantage of the scale out capabilities of Citus. With Citus you can leverage your teams existing knowledge and best of all SQL instead of having to learn yet another new technology.

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Modernize your Infrastructure

With the combination of Postgres and Citus you have the opportunity to modernize your data infrastructure. You'll be able to modernize your infrastructure with the following:

  • Postgres - You have the flexibility of a vast array of datatypes popular in NoSQL databases.
  • Open source - No vendor lock-in means you don't have to worry about being locked into a system unsure of it's future.
  • Cloud ready - Whether it's enterprise edition or our fully managed cloud Citus plays well with cloud infrastructure so you can move faster.
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High performance operations and analytics

Citus Enterprise edition is capable of handling billions of events per day while at the same time providing sub-second query response across your entire data set. This means you don't have to make choices of which data to discard and which to keep, nor do you have to batch your reports and provide your users with stale data. By allowing you to perform analytics across your entire set of operational data you can provide new value to your customers where not possible before.

What's included in Citus Enterprise

With Citus Enterprise in addition to all the features you'll find in Citus Community edition you'll receive tools and services to help you run and manage Citus in a large scale enterprise environment including:

Shard Rebalancer

The Citus rebalancer makes it easy to manage and maintain your Citus cluster. If a node fails within your cluster the Citus relabancer will ensure that your data is re-replicated to the other, still operating nodes. The rebalancer also makes it simple to add new nodes to your cluster. When you need to add more scale to your cluster you simply add the node, run rebalance, and data will automatically be synced over to your new node.

Tenant isolation

With Citus Enterprise you can easily isolate tenants to prevent them from being a noisy neighbor for others, as well as provide them dedicated performance of their own. You can easily isolate tenants to their own table, as well as move them to their own dedicated hardware.

Granular access control

Citus enterprise gives you flexibility in how you manage access to your database. With Citus Enterprise you have the ability to create new database users and roles, then restrict who has what level of access. All of this while still allowing Citus underneath to operate as a powerful distributed database.

Support and services

With Citus Enterprise you'll also have available the professional services you need to help get you up and running. We work with you to help model your data and tune your systems so they're ready for production workloads. Citus Enterprise also comes with a SLA to ensure you have the support you need.


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