PGConf SV + Postgres Open = PostgresOpen Silicon Valley 🐘

Craig Kerstiens Nov 17, 2016

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Citus is a distributed database that scales out PostgreSQL. Citus scales your multi-tenant database to 100K+ tenants or enable real-time analytics on large volumes of data.

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When we started PGConf Silicon Valley we started it with the goal of helping to grow the Postgres community like many of the other conferences out there with a focus on a large scale west coast event. In our first two years of running the conference we’ve been overwhelmed with the reception, ranging from the great speakers that volunteer their time and effort to provide great content, to the sponsors helping support the event, and most importantly all the attendees.

In a similar vein PostgresOpen began a number of years ago, also aiming to help grow a US community event. PostgresOpen also had a vision of moving the conference around. This would provide a sponsors exposure into different markets as well as to provide an opportunity to engage and the community throughout the US. PostgresOpen began in Chicago, then moved on to Dallas, and next year we’re excited to have it in Silicon Valley.

But two Postgres conferences in Silicon Valley in the same year? While the Bay area does house a great focus on tech, that’s even a bit much for us. So instead we’re joining forces to bring together one Postgres conference that’ll be bigger and better than either of them individually. Next year PostgresOpen Silicon Valley will happen Fall 2017 in the Bay Area.

We’ll be sharing more details on exact dates, location, and opening up the CFP in coming weeks. If you’d like to stay informed on important details and news about the conference please sign-up on the site.

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