Announcing CitusDB 4.1

We’re excited to announce general availability of CitusDB 4.1, which is based on the new PostgreSQL 9.4.4 release. CitusDB is a scalable database with massively parallel query processing for real-time Big Data applications. The release had a focus on improving usability and adding some of the most requested SQL features.

More SQL compatibility and features:

  • Richer subqueries: On a single table, we now support an arbitrary number of subqueries in the FROM clause.
  • PREPARE: We support all forms of PREPARE’d statements including parametrized statements.
  • More COPY features: We now support COPY from a distributed table.
  • PL/pgSQL features: Now issue queries on distributed tables from SQL functions. 

Usability improvements:

  • Relay worker errors to the master node, making debugging of issues easier.
  • Automatic cleanup of master node resources on query completion.
  • Support for the extended query protocol, making for easier driver integration.

Apart from the above, the release includes other bug fixes in Citus as well as changes in PostgreSQL’s 9.4.4 release.

Installation notes

If you are downloading and using CitusDB for the first time, please follow the installation instructions found in the CitusDB documentation page.

If you are running CitusDB 3.0 and want to upgrade to v4.1, please follow the upgrade instructions found in the CitusDB documentation.

Download CitusDB now at