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Citus Cloud, a fully managed version of Citus on top of AWS is now generally available. For those unfamiliar, fully managed means you select your node count and sizing and click to provision–from there we take care of monitoring, backups, disaster recovery, and more so you can focus on building your app. Citus cloud includes all the best practices of running a AWS from a team that has years of experience managing millions of databases and all the power of Citus included. If you have any questions about it contact us, or hop over to the Citus Cloud console to try it today.

PG Conf Silicon Valley CFP is nearing a close, but there’s still time to get your talk proposal in. If you need help on ideas please feel free to visit our slack channel and get some input on topic. Also of note, we have a number of scholarship tickets available, so if you’re interested in attending but otherwise might not be available please reach out.

To commemorate the release of Citus Cloud and recent milestones with Citus including our open source release, we’ve take the opportunity to give our site a new look. Take a look and let us know what you think. Included in the new site you’ll find clearer details of when Citus may or may not make sense for you. You’ll also find clear guidelines on whats included in each of the product offerings.
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When to use unstructured datatypes in Postgres–Hstore vs. JSON vs. JSONB
Postgres has had a number of schema-less datatypes for a few years. Some of these datatypes can give you a lot of flexibility as you architect your schema for scaling. Here we take a look at the benefits and trade-offs of the three most talked about datatypes: hstore, JSON, JSONB.
Upcoming Events
August 19
Craig Kerstiens will be presenting about Postgres’ present and future. This talk will walk you through what’s new in Postgres 9.5, what’s coming with 9.6, and then round it out with a tour of interesting extensions
September 14
Andres Freund will be presenting on Postgres durability. He’ll provide an overview of what durability is and walk through the various opens and levels of durability you have available with Postgres.

Our code is open and the discussion is too. You’re invited to come join us in our Slack chatroom. We’re talking about feature ideas, and scaling data in general.

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Made with    from the Postgres team at Microsoft