Citus Cloud

Citus scales out your multi-tenant (B2B) database or empowers you to build real-time applications on billions of events. With Citus Cloud, you get the features of Citus Enterprise Edition, plus the benefit of a fully managed Citus service delivered on top of AWS.

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Production Grade

Citus cloud comes production ready. Once you provision a cluster it's automatically configured to be performant and ready for your data. We continuously monitor and maintain your cluster so you can focus on your app. To help ensure production quality Citus Cloud provides:

  • Continuous protection on all Citus clusters–preventing data loss.
  • Monitoring ensures your cluster is available and functioning properly
  • Encryption is on for all places we store data ensuring your data's safety
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Continuous Monitoring

Based on years of expertise of managing millions of Postgres databases we have complex systems to monitor and manage your database. We focus on keeping you up and running so you can focus on building your app. To make it easy for you to understand what's going on you have a straight-forward dashboard to monitor performance and metrics.

Continuous monitoring

What's included in Citus Cloud

With Citus Cloud you get all the benefits of Citus delivered as a fully managed service. We wear the pager for you, you get to focus on your app. Citus Cloud provides:

Simple provisioning

Select your Citus cluster size and the AWS region you want to run in and then you're a button click away from having a running Citus instance. We'll automatically provision and configure your cluster in a matter of minutes, including setting up any of the Postgres extensions of your choosing.

Continuous protection

Keeping your data safe is our top priority. To remove risk of data loss, we enable continuous protection on all databases. This replicates the Postgres Write-Ahead-Log (WAL) to a durable data store, so even in the event of a hardware failure you won't lose data. Further, encryption-at-rest is on by default for anywhere we store your data.

Granular access control

Citus Cloud enables you to easily create additional users and roles that will be managed and kept in synchronization across your distributed Citus database and all its nodes. You can use the advanced access control features built into PostgreSQL to give access to as many or as little database objects as you'd like.

Support and services

With Citus Cloud we wear the page so you don't have to. In addition to keeping your database up and running we're available to help support you in getting up and running.

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