Why Use Citus to Scale Out Postgres? One Word: Performance

Want to learn more about how Citus scales out Postgres, so you never have to worry about scaling your database again?


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Leverage the power of Postgres

We get that you trust Postgres. So we built Citus as a Postgres extension to stay current with the latest releases. And we built Citus for horizontal scale. With Citus, you get to leverage all your Postgres expertise, use your familiar SQL toolset, and scale out your favorite database.

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Scale out without sacrifice

You shouldn’t have to re-architect your app when you hit the ceiling on single-node Postgres. Because sharding at the application layer steals time & resources from your core business. Not to mention the maintenance. There is a better way. At Citus, we make it simple to shard Postgres.

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Query faster than any one server can

By parallelizing your SQL queries across multiple nodes, Citus can deliver sub-second performance. Even with real-time data ingest across billions of rows of data, with boatloads of concurrent queries. And adding nodes to increase parallelism is simple.

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Forget about your database

With our fully managed database as a service, we carry the pager so you don’t have to. In addition to the open source Citus database engine, Citus is available as a managed service with Azure Cosmos DB for PostgreSQL. With Citus, you can focus on your app—and forget about your database.

Citus vs. Single-Node Postgres

Watch the Side-by-Side Performance Comparison

YouTube video still: Citus vs. Single-Node Postgres Database | A Side-by-Side Comparison

In this short demo of Citus, our engineer Marco Slot shines a light on the performance of a 4-node Citus database cluster vs. single-node Postgres.

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