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Jelte Fennema-Nio

Jelte Fennema-Nio

Principal Engineer at Microsoft

Currently I'm working on Citus, Postgres and Pgbouncer at Microsoft. Before that I was a big time Postgres user at Stream, where I worked on low latency APIs for chat and social timelines. I'm one of the current maintainers of the PgBouncer project. I studied at the University of Amsterdam where I got my BSc in Computer Science and MSc in System and Network Engineering.

POSETTE 2024 Talk

Comparing Postgres connection pooler support for prepared statements

(Livestream 1)

Connection poolers have always been very important to achieve good performance in transactional workloads with Postgres. Sadly, for a long time this meant that you couldn't use prepared statements to reduce Postgres query planning overhead. But recently that has changed because prepared statements are now supported by PgBouncer, Odyssey, pgcat, and Supavisor.

In this talk you'll learn about the differences in prepared statement design, performance, and support between these connection poolers.

If you're interested in the answers to one of the following questions, then this is the talk for you:

  • How a connection pooler can be useful when you are using Postgres?
  • Which connection pooler to choose?
  • Technical details about why Postgres prepared statements are so difficult for connection poolers

Past Talks

Postgres without SQL: Natural language queries using GPT-3 & Rust (Citus Con 2023)

Podcast Appearances

My Journey into Performance Benchmarking with Jelte Fennema-Nio & Marco Slot

The Postgres team at Microsoft is proud to be the organizer of POSETTE: An Event for Postgres (formerly Citus Con).