Hybrid Operational and Analytics Database

Consolidate your scalable operational and analytics infrastructure by using a hybrid solution built on PostgreSQL

Citus enables companies to consolidate their database infrastructure by using a single database to combine powerful analytics with scalable operations on large volumes of data. Citus let's you ingest terabytes of data every day in real-time. Simultaneously, it powers ad-hoc analytics on terabytes of data with sub-second responses.

Citus reduces the complexity and cost of your scalable database infrastructure through features such as:

  • Massively parallel processing for powerful SQL analytics
  • Real-time inserts/updates on distributed database tables
  • Dynamic scalability on commodity hardware with ability to easily add or remove nodes
  • JSON and structured data in one database
  • PostgreSQL expressiveness and familiarity

Citus eliminates the need for complex infrastructures with costly ETL processes. It streamlines your real-time performance by running fast analytics on real-time data with no latency due to data transfer.