Did you know Citus is available on Microsoft Azure? This is the definitive blog about Hyperscale (Citus) on Azure Database for PostgreSQL.

High Availability PostgreSQL

Create a high availability PostgreSQL cluster using auto-sharding across commodity servers

Citus is a drop-in replacement for PostgreSQL with built-in high availability features such as auto-sharding and replication. It is transparent to the application layer and can leverage your existing PostgreSQL knowledge. Citus shards your database and replicates multiple copies of each shard across the cluster of commodity nodes. If any node in the cluster becomes unavailable, Citus transparently redirects any writes or queries to one of the other nodes which houses a copy of the impacted shard.

Citus provides easy to manage high availability through features such as:

  • Automatic logical sharding
  • Built-in replication
  • Data-center aware replication for disaster recovery
  • Mid-query fault tolerance with advanced load balancing

With Citus you can increase the uptime of your real-time applications powered by PostgreSQL and minimize the impact of hardware failures on performance. You can achieve this with built-in high availability tools minimizing costly and error-prone manual intervention.