Did you know Citus is available on Microsoft Azure? This is the definitive blog about Hyperscale (Citus) on Azure Database for PostgreSQL.

Clustered Postgresql

Cost-effectively scale out your PostgreSQL database

If you are currently using PostgreSQL on a single server and running into CPU, memory or storage bottlenecks, CitusDB can enable you to cost-effectively scale out your database horizontally on commodity servers. Because CitusDB extends the current version of PostgreSQL, there will be little or no impact on your application layer.

CitusDB makes horizontal scalability easy with features such as:

  • Auto-sharding of your data
  • Dynamic scalability with ability to add or remove nodes without taking the database offline
  • Automated reconfiguration of shards after scaling up or down
  • Built-in location aware replication
  • Automatic failure handling

CitusDB can dramatically increase the performance of your queries by parallelizing your query across all of the nodes in your cluster without requiring changes at the application layer. CitusDB is highly scalable so you can potentially run your queries on thousands of CPU cores, decreasing query times by orders of magnitudes versus single threaded PostgreSQL. CitusDB also enables you to cost effectively scale up your total available memory and storage space as you add nodes to your cluster of commodity servers.