Did you know Citus is available on Microsoft Azure? This is the definitive blog about Hyperscale (Citus) on Azure Database for PostgreSQL.

Infrastructure Solutions

Solving PostgreSQL Infrastructure Challenges with horizontal scaling and high availability

Citus extends PostgreSQL to solve challenges which commonly arise for mission critical deployments that need to scale. Whether you are looking to overcome hardware bottlenecks in a cost efficient way or build an easy to maintain high availability cluster or unify scalable operations and analytics, Citus delivers value to your infrastructure and business.

Clustered PostgreSQL

If you are currently using PostgreSQL on a single server and running into CPU, memory or storage bottlenecks, Citus can enable you to cost-effectively scale out your database horizontally on commodity servers. Because CitusDB extends the current version of PostgreSQL, there will be little or no impact on your application layer. Citus’s advanced query engine efficiently parallelizes incoming SQL queries across multiple servers giving you the ability to increase your computational power and memory by orders of magnitude with linearly scaling cost. Read more

High Availability PostgreSQL

Citus is a high availability extension of PostgreSQL with built-in replication and mid-query fault tolerance on a cluster of commodity servers. Citus shards your database and replicates multiple copies of each shard across the nodes in your cluster. If any node in the cluster becomes unavailable, Citus transparently redirects any writes or queries to one of the other nodes which houses a copy of the impacted shard.

Furthermore, Citus’s replication is data rack aware allowing you to keep replicas on different geographical groups for resistance against disasters. Read more

Hybrid Operational and Analytics Database

Citus enables companies to consolidate their database infrastructure by using a single database to simultaneously ingest billions of events every day and run SQL queries with massive parallelizm on terabytes of data for real-time results.

Citus eliminates the need for complex infrastructures with costly ETL processes. It streamlines your real-time performance by running fast analytics on real-time data with no latency due to data transfer. Read more

Our Happy Customers

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