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Things People Are Saying

Rasty Turek pic

Our investors sometimes connect us with companies that are having a hard time figuring out how to scale. For me, it’s always the same answer: Citus.

Rasty Turek, Founder and CEO, Pex
Jesse Willett pic

The speed change of Citus is a game changer. With Citus, we can make indexes in minutes that used to take hours.

Jesse Willett, Principal Architect, Copper (formerly ProsperWorks)
Shashank Kumar pic

We expected a database migration to be a huge code change, requiring a lot of rewrites. But Citus has a Django multi-tenant library, which minimized the application refactoring we had to do to migrate our application. Except for rewriting a few lines of our app, we ended up using pretty much the same code.

Shashank Kumar, Founder, PushOwl
Sylvain Friquet pic

Citus handles our complex ingest and delete operations seamlessly—and that’s with a workflow that creates five to ten billion new rows of data per day. The way in which Citus shards and distributes data across multiple nodes has given us the parallelization we need.

Sylvain Friquet, Software Engineer, Algolia

With Citus, it’s amazing. The response time on long-term queries of billions of rows is on the order of milliseconds. Citus is so darn fast!

Deepak Balasubramanyam, Technical Architect, Freshchat