Citus Data Technical Writer

At Citus Data, we want to make scaling your database really simple and easy. That involves being able to communicate key distributed systems concepts in a clear and concise manner, without resorting to deep technical descriptions or jargon. The position sits as a link between the product/development team and the developer community, providing key customer and developer feedback into the product. You’ll be responsible for updating documentation, maintaining an FAQ, writing developer guides and technical solutions, and be passionate about making developers successful and productive with Citus.

You'll be responsible for:

  • Write new documentation, update and maintain it with the developer and community audience in mind.
  • Write technical developer guides, explaining value proposition of Citus, use-cases it solves, and step by step onboarding instructions.
  • Write sample applications, example code snippets, end-to-end solutions to demonstrate features and the product.
  • Track success of documentation by measuring questions, tracking key metrics.
  • Maintain FAQ and keep it up to date by monitoring support channels and community questions.


  • Strong technical background, with a degree in Computer Science, or several years of experience in the industry.
  • Experience with technical writing, and maintaining a developer oriented documentation.
  • A keen interest in learning new technologies, as well as want to communicate the same to others in a crisp manner.
  • Experience with writing SQL and using relational databases.
  • Experience using application development frameworks like Ruby/ActiveRecord, Django etc.

Apply now by sending your resume to [email protected]