If you want to learn more about Citus on Microsoft Azure, read this post about Hyperscale (Citus) on Azure Database for PostgreSQL.

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Citus is a database that allows you to perform real-time queries across both operational and analytical workloads of terabytes of data in real-time.

Citus does this by extending PostgreSQL to allow you to distribute your workload across multiple hosts–leveraging the memory and processing of multiple machines.

Features at a Glance

Citus Community

The community version of Citus is entirely open source and free to use. You can download it yourself today to get started.


Citus Cloud

Sign up for access to a fully managed Citus service delivered on top of AWS.

Starting at $990 a month

Citus Enterprise

Enterprise edition comes with everything in community edition, plus additional tooling.

Contact for Pricing
Flexible Postgres datatypes such as JSONB
Geospatial support
Sketch algorithms (Hyperloglog)
Shard Your Data Across Postgres Nodes
Parallelism across your workload
Resiliency Against Shard Failure
Shard Rebalancing
Tenant Isolation
Behavioral Analytics Library
Advanced Security Controls
Fully Managed
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Get Started with Citus Data

We make sharding your PostgreSQL database simple. So you can focus on your app—not your database.


Our open source edition. If you need Postgres that transparently shards your data across multiple nodes, download Citus today.

Citus Cloud

Our fully-managed database as a service, backed with our expertise monitoring and managing millions of Postgres databases in the cloud.


Gives you the same powerful scale-out features as Citus open source, plus advanced features like shard rebalancing & tenant isolation.