The team includes professionals with deep experience in PostgreSQL, Big Data analytics, and open source software

Umur Cubukcu, CEO and Co-Founder

Umur developed new business with world's leading retailers and consumer goods companies (among them Wal-Mart, Kimberly-Clark, and L'Oreal) and sold enterprise software while at TrueDemand, a demand analytics start-up in California. Before that, Umur worked on numerous projects around the globe with the Boston Consulting Group. Most recently, Umur was the CEO of, where he helped put the company on a growth path. Umur holds an M.S. in Management Science & Engineering from Stanford University, and a B.S. in Industrial Engineering from Bogazici University.

Ozgun Erdogan, CTO and Co-Founder

Ozgun worked as a software developer for four years in the Distributed Systems Engineering team at Amazon. There, he proposed, designed, and implemented novel algorithms on distributed caching and consistency; and also worked on building systems for scalable data analytics. Ozgun earned his M.S. in Computer Science from Stanford University, and his B.S. from Galatasaray University. He also holds patents on distributed cache consistency and load balancing.

Sumedh Pathak, VP of Engineering and Co-Founder

Sumedh worked as a software development engineer for over five years at While there, he optimized the fulfillment workflow software for Amazon’s supply chain, and extended the shopping cart application. Sumedh has extensive experience both on distributed data stores such as Dynamo, as well as relational stores such as Oracle; he regularly worked on these systems during his days in the ordering and shopping cart teams. Sumedh earned his M.S. in Computer Science from Stanford University, and his B.S. from the University of Minnesota.

Terry Erisman, VP of Marketing

Prior to Citus Data, Terry worked for Percona, a leading provider of MySQL software and services, where the company grew quadrupled in revenue and was twice named to the Inc. 5000. Prior to Percona, Terry worked for DotNetNuke which provides an open source web content management framework built on .NET in use by a million websites worldwide. During his tenure, DNN grew from a 9 person startup to over 60 employees and was twice named to the Inc. 500. Terry has launched and grown multiple high tech startup companies during his career. Terry earned his bachelors degree in Chemistry from Harvard and an MBA from the Stanford Graduate School of Business.

Bill Schuler, VP of Sales

Bill brings his 25 year career in the database market to Citus Data. He was previously EVP of Sales at Percona where he grew revenues more than 17 times during his 5 plus years with the company. Bill was the founding Director of MySQL AB's World Wide Corporate Sales, which he grew from 4 to 46 sales reps. He was a pioneer of high volume sales at MySQL, which was instrumental to the company's $1 billion acquisition by Sun Microsystems in 2008. Bill's specialty is start-up sales organizations. Prior leadership roles have included ones at Extended Systems, which staged a successful IPO, and at Zachary Software, which was successfully acquired by a larger firm. Bill holds a Computer Science degree from Illinois State University. He now lives with his family in Boise, Idaho.

Utku Azman, Managing Director, EMEA

Utku led Intel's business development activities with strategic partners including software vendors, system integrators and hardware manufacturers to target the large enterprise market in Turkey. Prior to that he served as a Strategy Director at Oracle responsible for large software deals in Eastern Europe, Turkey and Central Asia. Previously, Utku worked as a consultant at McKinsey's Business Technology Office in London, working on projects with enterprises across Europe. Earlier in his career, Utku worked as a Product Manager at Google and as a Systems Engineer at Alcatel-Lucent. Utku holds M.S. and B.S.degrees in Electrical Engineering from Cornell University and an M.B.A. from London Business School.

Hadi Moshayedi

Hadi got his master degree in computer science from Sharif University of Technology. Before joining he worked on 3D simulation, cryptography analysis, vehicle tracking using GPS data, and production line management projects. His team qualified to ACM ICPC World Finals 2007 and 2008, and he won several nationwide programming competitions in Iran and Turkey.

Metin Doslu

Metin worked as a software developer on different projects including a train traffic control center and a cloud platform for mobile devices. Metin also participated in the ESPN Winning Formula Challenge powered by TopCoder, and took 2nd place with his predictive algorithm for College Football game scores. Metin holds B.S. and M.S. degrees in Computer Science from Bogazici University.

Samay Sharma

Samay is a software developer at Citus Data. He crossed paths with Citus after taking an Interview Street Code Sprint, and placing among the top %0.5 of all candidates. That initially led to his internship at Citus, where he worked on the MongoDB foreign data wrapper. He also worked on various other projects during his time in school, including an intrusion detection system, a Wikipedia Search Engine, and a review summary engine. Samay holds a B.Tech in Computer Science from IIIT-Hyderabad, India.

Jason Petersen

At Amazon, Jason drove the design, implementation, and operation of a new distributed real-time cloud monitoring service, CloudWatch. From there he made a drastic change to crafting cutting-edge web interfaces at the small startup TrackSimple, which was quickly acquired by a slightly larger startup, BlueKai. After three years in the UI world, Jason decided to return to his roots in distributed systems, arriving at Citus Data in December 2013. Jason holds a BS in CS from the University of Texas at Austin and lives in Denver with his wife, baby boy, and neurotic—but clever—dog.

Marco Slot

Marco joins us from Harlem, the Netherlands. Marco has an M.S. in Parallel and Distributed Computer Systems from VU University Amsterdam and completed a PhD on cooperative self-driving cars at Trinity College Dublin. While studying, he also worked as a software engineer on Amazon CloudFront and Route 53 for several years, driving the design of latency-driving request routing and several other key features.

Önder Kalaci

Önder worked on different projects including environmental monitoring systems and unified threat management (UTM). He holds B.S. degree from METU and M.S. degree from Boğaziçi University in computer engineering. His main interest is thread level parallelism.

Murat Tuncer

Murat was involved in R&D projects in distributed systems, network protocol analysis, and data mining prior to joining Citus Data. He brings experience from the defense industry in addition to Microsoft and Real Networks. Murat holds a B.S. degree in Computer Science from Bilkent University.

Andres Freund

Andres is a PostgreSQL committer and developer, focusing on replication, scalability and robustness. Before Citus Data he worked as a PostgreSQL Developer and Consultant at 2ndQuadrant and as a freelancing consultant in the areas of databases and software engineering. He has been developing Postgres and other Open Source projects since 2005. In his free time he enjoys climbing, diving and reading paper books.

Hanna Wischmann

Hanna previously worked for Amazon Web Services in San Francisco. She has a bachelor's degree in mass communication with an emphasis on visual journalism and minored in leadership studies from the University of Utah.


Josh Berkus

Josh Berkus is a member of the PostgreSQL Core Team, and is CEO of the consulting company PostgreSQL Experts Inc., where he often helps customers develop data warehousing solutions. Prior to PostgreSQL Experts, Josh was in charge of PostgreSQL for Solaris at Sun Microsystems, and he helped launch data warehousing startup GreenPlum. He has previously been on the advisory boards for business intelligence company Actuate, PostgreSQL vendor EnterpriseDB, and NoSQL vendor CouchDB.